“I love to clean my soles as a result of sensing the water dribbling down my gams and over my nude feet makes me highly moist elsewhere,” says spitfire Ava with a grin. “As a result of I’m best five’four”, I put on high-heeled shoes all day to make me taller, and on the finish of the day my soles scent indeed musty and bitter. As a rule, I’ve anyone wash my soles for me and fondle them with unique lubes, however at times I cherish to do it myself. Who else however me would know precisely squash and rubdown my soles? I love to get them indeed soapy and rake my romps alongside my foot. That typically makes me highly ultra-kinky after which I’m going to jerk proper there after which, the use of the cleaning soap and super-fucking-hot water as lubrication for my swollen love button.”

Date: May 11, 2022