” I am an actual tights and gam fetishist. I completely enjoy my lengthy, gorgeous gams, and I enjoy when they are idolized through lil’ fellows such as you. I worship it. Get a fine view. Get a cute, fine view at the ones feet. And what? That is as shut as you are gonna get to them. Listed here are the principles: It’s important to rub your self. Do you already know? I need you to rub your self like you are house by myself. You were given it? And your eyes are going to remain on me. Do you already know? However I need you at the different facet of the apartment. I are not looking for your messy, lil’ mitts on me. No I do not. I derrière deal with myself. Thanks highly a lot. However I do enjoy a spycam…simply do not get too shut, I would hate to have to harm you.”

Date: December 1, 2022